Our History


Inverlyn Lake Estates is rich in history

The MacGregor Family immigrated some 6 generations ago from the Ilse of Lewis in the Highlands of Scotland to Huron Township, where they, along with other “Highlanders” became known as the “Lewis Settlers”.
The names of streets and home models in Inverlyn Lake Estates reflect the Scottish Heritage of the Region, with particular reference to the Isle of Lewis. The lands where Inverlyn Lake Estates is situated was purchased by the MacGregor Family in the 1960’s was once a quarry. In 2006, having owned the property for over 40 years, our family decided to turn the quarry into a 23 acre fresh water lake. The balance of the land was developed into vacant lots and Inverlyn Lake Estates was born. Today, MacGregor homes is still very much a family run business.

Having researched the consequence of climate change, which now demands the development of high efficiency homes, MacGregor entered into a home construction program. This program is premised on integrating unique home construction techniques with state of the art air treatment, to provide ideal year round comfort and air exchange at affordable costs.

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